Traditional Home Sales

You can comfortably price and sell your Metro Atlanta Home at market value, pay off the mortgage, other liens, sales expenses and have funds left over for your next move. That is essentially the description of a traditional sale. Here are a few recommended steps.

  1. Ask mortgage lenders for an estimated payoff amount about 45 days out.
  2. Use online resources to arrive at what your home may be worth.
  3. Call (678) 775-2677 or write Solomon for a cooperative market analysis and hassle-free discussion to help you arrive at a suggested selling price range.
  4. Carefully review your findings and decide on next steps.

Please call or write even if there are still questions about selling at a given time. We can cover a lot over the telephone, but I welcome the opportunity to meet with you either at your home or my office. We’ll go over the estimated net-to-seller worksheet, preparing your home to sell, selling strategies, tactics and more. Please call today.