Short Sale

You need to sell your home, but the mortgage balances are higher than the property may be worth and you don’t have the funds required to bridge the difference. You may still be able to sell your home for less than the balance owed on the mortgages with some cooperation from your mortgage lenders. Here are a few steps to start things off.

  1. Obtain the mortgage balance payoff from your lenders.
  2. Call (678) 775-2677 or write Solomon for information on local market activity and an estimated selling price.
  3. Gather the requested documents so that the process can begin.
  4. If you are comfortable with what you hearing, you should plan to get the property on the market right away.
  5. You’ll also grant me permission to interact directly with your lender on your behalf to keep things moving along toward an approval.
  6. We’ll find a buyer and get the property sold.

Please keep communications with the lender open, responding to all letters and phone calls in a timely manner throughout the process. A short sale will adversely affect your credit score temporarily, but you may be able to sell. Please call for more information.