Relocation Sale

There’s a lot at stake with your relocation. With all of the guaranteed buy-out offers, allowances and other incentives, time is clearly of the essence when it comes to relocation home sales. So a well-qualified, experienced, resourceful, full time agent who is knowledgeable about Metro Atlanta Real Estate, the relocation process and more is of the utmost importance. My complete pre-decision package includes a wide variety of useful information to help you make the right call.

  1. The Cooperative Market Analysis includes the most recent selling prices comparable homes nearby to help you arrive at a suggested list price and the most likely selling price.
  2. The average number of days that those properties remained on the market before selling will assist with meeting critical deadlines.
  3. The Net-to-Seller worksheet provides valuable insight into the estimated closing costs associated with the home sale and the estimated net proceeds you might expect at settlement.
  4. The home preparation checklist will suggest steps that you can take to get the highest net proceeds in the shortest amount of time.
  5. Our customized marketing strategy and tactics will help you find a buyer, close on time on terms acceptable to both the relocation company and you.

There’s still more to share and I am eager to get started working with your relocation advisor and you. Please call (678) 775-2677 or write me today for more information on a smooth transition into your next adventure.