Probate Sale

You have likely already been approached by local investors offering fast cash for your inherited property. Sadly, their offers for homes are often well below the real value of the property. Before engaging with anyone on selling deceased estate property in Metro Atlanta, please call me at (678) 775-2677 for a cooperative market analysis and get an objective opinion about what it may be worth in today’s market. Then your estate attorney, family and you can decide on next steps for the property of your loved one, holding, liquidating, or whatever.

Should the decision be made to consider selling probate property, I can help with that too, having represented both buyers and sellers with their transactions. I can help you arrange

  • To sell the goods in the property via an estate sale
  • To have the property cleaned prepared for sale
  • To sell the property for the highest dollar amount that the market will bear

But unlike with most investors, the public is protected by working with me. I am committed to upholding the business ideals, rules and precepts put forth by both the National Association of REALTORS® and as a licensee of the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  And I always strive to conduct business with honor and respect for others involved.

Please call me today at (678) 775-2677 for more information on the sale of probate property in Metro Atlanta.