Mortgage Home Buyers

Owner-occupant buyers who use a residential mortgage when buying a home are often attractive to Metro Atlanta sellers because they believe the home will continue to enjoy proper care. While competition from cash home buyers can be difficult, making the right impression at from the start can make the difference between winning and losing a bidding war. Here are a few ways to gain the competitive edge.

  1. Have an objective review of your consumer credit reports and credit scores (look for a mid point somewhere above 620), making corrections as needed.
  2. Gather the funds typically needed of the buyer to close (minimum 3% of the expected purchase price plus around $2K).
  3. Around three months prior to your preferred closing date, call (678) 775-2677 or write me for a free consultation and list of direct, local, well-respected mortgage lenders who know our contracts, deadlines and who are committed to a smooth close.
  4. Gather and send documents needed to process your mortgage to your mortgage lender upon request.

Upon conditional approval, your lender will send you a pre-approval letter and the home search process can begin.

If you are not currently working with an agent, please call (678) 775-2677 or write me today to start the process.