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The City of Atlanta, GA is a wonderful place to learn, live, work, play and otherwise call home with plenty of options available that appeal to the wide range of local lifestyles.  But the multiple counties that make up Metro Atlanta often serve specific lifestyle needs that may not be easily found within Atlanta City Limits.  While the counties below do not make up all of what is considered Metro Atlanta, they are among the ones most near to the Metro Center of Atlanta, GA.  Please click below to learn more about the unique offerings available in each Metro Atlanta County.  You can find local MLS listings of homes for sale by high school (links to a sister site), the same ones found at more popular sites.  Read about points of interests in each county, learn about the utilities, hospitals and more so that your home search may be made easier.

Have a question?  Maybe you want to tap into the budding local Film and TV industry, love tennis, shopping, the great outdoors, horses or renovated old houses.  Please call or write me to learn more about what the areas of the Metro have to offer.  I’m the only one who will see your message or return your call, so you needn’t worry about calls from several agents, recorded phone calls or any of that nonsense associated with other sites.  Nor will I keep you on the phone (unless you want to hang out and chat).  Please call Solomon at (678) 775-2677 with questions.  It really is safe to do so.

Cherokee County GA in Northwest Metro Atlanta is among the best for affordable housing, entertainment, dining, nature and more.

Clayton County GA in South Central Metropolitan Atlanta is where a rich history meets affordable homes in Atlanta's True South.

Cobb County GA, the Northwest Metro Atlanta home of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta Opera, local amenities and more

Dekalb County GA, the Eastern Metro Atlanta area, is known for diversity, shopping destinations and a variety of home choices.

Douglas County, GA, the Western Gateway into Metro Atlanta, is where lower taxes mean your money goes further on the same house.

Fayette County GA is around 15 miles south of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in an affluent area with natural beauty.

Forsyth County GA in Northeast Metro Atlanta offers fast access into Atlanta, Lake Lanier, the North Georgia Mountains and more.

Homes for Sale in Fulton County GA, the geographic center of Metro Atlanta, offer opportunities for greater self-fulfillment.

Homes for Sale in Gwinnett County GA, the Northeastern Metropolitan Atlanta home to finer modern amenities and historic charm.

Hall County GA in Far Northeast Metro Atlanta, a great place to live, work, grow, progress and play in a small-town environment.

Homes for Sale in Henry County GA, just south of Atlanta, areas where residents enjoy the finest in nature and entertainment.

Homes for Sale in Rockdale County, the eastern gateway into Metro Atlanta, are near things to do for many different lifestyles.