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“With all of the latest online resources, why would anyone need the services of a real estate agent?

Hello, thanks for visiting my site.  I have owned six residential properties since 1992 during my 14 moves around the United States.  Over those years, some during corporate relocations, I have sold my homes both by owner and through the services of a real estate broker.  I can confirm without a doubt that owners can, in-deed, sell their homes without the services of a real estate agent, and may even get a selling price that is close to others that have recently sold nearby.  My transactions were in vastly different markets where inventory was extremely tight and I had time for showings.  I wasn’t easily intimidated by the paperwork, knew what to disclose to keep from being sued after the sale and those transactions closed.      

So why would anyone need a listing agent to help them sell their Metro Atlanta Home?  Maybe they don’t.  Shocking, right?  So, more power to those sellers who already have their team of professionals in place, can sort out the serious buyers from other people with questionable intentions, can stay within housing laws, can understand the required Georgia paperwork, are not under a time crunch, who already know the repairs that need to be addressed, a little about staging and other ways to affordably prepare their home to sell quickly and for more.

For those home sellers, however, that could use the services of an accountable, personal real estate agent who is absolutely committed to getting more return to the seller on their investment, has been seasoned since 2006 on the customs of the Metro Atlanta, Georgia Real Estate Market, the use of the annually changing real estate forms, one who knows how to find, negotiate with and can get serious home buyers (including those paying cash) quickly and safely to the closing table on favorable terms, please call me today at (678) 775-2677.   

Other Differences that You Deserve
  • Gain greater property access and exposure through my membership in both FMLS and Georgia Multiple Listing Services
  • Accept, counter and otherwise electronically sign documents from digital devices through either eSignOnline® or DotLoop
  • Take advantage of a wide array of knowledgeable, local resources refined since 2006, including lenders, inspectors and repair persons

My Most Recent Client Home Purchases and Sales
Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate services are my only source of income and I have been personally accountable and available (individually, no team), helping clients with transactions all over Metropolitan Atlanta since 2006. Please call today for a pressure-free discussion so that we can decide if we are a good match.

Take all of your money with you when you go.  Unlike with some other websites, only I will see your message and will be the one to respond (no recorded phone calls either). Please call or write me today for your free, no-obligation cooperative market analysis and find out what your home may really be worth.

Solomon Greene
Keller Williams Atlanta Real Estate Brokers Associate