Owners cited the size of their properties as the most common reason why they decided to sell according to The National Association of REALTORS® 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers (5,465 responses). But we’re in rarely chartered territory here in Metro Atlanta, with severely limited inventory, overpriced new homes and rising interest rates. While owners who have considered a move within Metro Atlanta may be thinking twice about selling at this time for those reasons, it may be the right time for those who are looking to move away from Metro Atlanta. Here are other reasons why sellers may sell their homes

The Property No Longer Fulfills Needs

Families often choose to live in a neighborhood because of the schools that serve the area. A child’s graduation or other life change (employment-related, retirement, family additions/subtractions) often prompt a need to sell. In fact, one prominent reason why some have sold is the owner’s desire to be nearer to family.

Life Happened

Some owners were compelled to sell because their adjusted mortgage payment had become unaffordable, there had been an unexpected, prolonged loss of household income, a dramatic increase in household expenses or some other crisis.

To Correct a Purchase Error

The reasons why some home owners bought were not how things turned out. The lot sizes were more of an issue than previously imagined, deferred maintenance and remodeling plans didn’t pan out, or there seemed to be more and more unanswered questions about neighborhood safety. Whatever the case, these sellers wanted a better neighborhood or out of home ownership entirely.

Let’s face it. Homeownership links a person to an area more firmly than most any other means, but it needn’t be permanent. Finding another Metro Atlanta Home for sale that perfectly meets one’s needs may be a challenge, but agents still frequently get it done.

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